Worlds Weirdest Birds

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Worlds Weirdest Birds

Worlds Weirdest Birds
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The Lynx Effect: Woman Has Rare Encounter With Predator

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Worlds Weirdest Birds

by U-Zoo 1:57 mins

Worlds Weirdest Birds

by U-Zoo 1:57 mins

Countdown of the top 5 strangest birds on the planet

Unusual Animals

Snakes & Pythons

  1. 1:49

    Snakes burst balloons from man's mouth

  2. 0:58

    Firemen pull snake from aircon unit in China bedroom

  3. 0:31

    Sitting in the snake pit

  4. 0:47

    Watch the scary moment a deadly red bellied black snake crawls onto the car windscreen

  5. 0:52

    Deadly snake strikes at camera in Australia

  6. 0:49

    Lucky Frog Avoids Being Eaten by Snake

Animal Madness

  1. 0:28

    Koalas caught on camera fighting each other

  2. 0:39

    Cincinnati Zoo Marks 50th Gorilla Birth

  3. 1:11

    Giant Panda Mei Plays With Her Cub

  4. 1:45

    Greedy monkeys demanding food from zoo visitors

  5. 2:31

    Baby elephant meets dog. Instant friendship!

  6. 2:46

    San Diego Zoo Staff Bottle Feeds Baby Giraffe That Lost Mom

Wild Cats

  1. 1:29

    Leaping Leopard: Warthog Avoids Leopard Attack

  2. 1:09

    The Lynx Effect: Woman Has Rare Encounter With Predator

  3. 1:10

    Escaped Cheetahs Face Off Against Rhinos at Dutch Safari Park

  4. 2:25

    Lions Attack Men In Car

  5. 1:04

    Lion Vs Mongoose: Mongoose Fends Off Four Lions

  6. 1:37

    Leopard Attack: Antelope Narrowly Escapes Death

Underwater Encounters

  1. 2:50

    Humpback Whales Cooperatively Feed

  2. 1:20

    Humpback Whales Feeding Frenzy

  3. 0:41

    Humpback Whale Comes to Say Hello

  4. 1:36

    Jeb Bush Gets to Grips With Lobsters in New Hampshire

  5. 1:03

    Dolphins swim alongside boat off coast of Florida

  6. 0:55

    Seal Escapes From Killer Whales in Dinghy