Thousands Throng Syntagma Square Against Austerity

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Thousands Throng Syntagma Square Against Austerity

Thousands Throng Syntagma Square Against Austerity
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Thousands Throng Syntagma Square Against Austerity

by Storyful 0:16 mins

Thousands Throng Syntagma Square Against Austerity

by Storyful 0:16 mins

Thousands of anti-austerity protesters converged on Athens’ Syntagma Square on Friday, July 3, to show their support for the government’s call for a No vote in Sunday’s referendum. In other parts of the city, ‘Yes’ supporters protested for the acceptance of the terms laid out for more international funds to tackle Greece’s debt crisis.The atmosphere has been tense in Greece since Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called a referendum last Friday on a draft agreement to secure more funds from the country’s creditors. Capital control imposed on banks has limited most citizens from withdrawing more than 60 euro a day, with pensioners permitted a maximum of 120 euro. Several EU leaders over recent days described the referendum as a decision on whether Greece remains in the euro and European Union . Credit: Twitter/@V_Siriopoulos


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