Tel Aviv Bus bomb blasts ceasefire hopes

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Tel Aviv Bus bomb blasts ceasefire hopes

Tel Aviv Bus bomb blasts ceasefire hopes
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Tel Aviv Bus bomb blasts ceasefire hopes

by euronews Videos 1:36 mins

Tel Aviv Bus bomb blasts ceasefire hopes

by euronews Videos 1:36 mins

A bomb has exploded on an Israeli bus near the states defence ministry in Tel Aviv, wounding 21 and throwing ceasefire talks into chaos. Medical teams say three of the passengers suffered severe injuries. Authorities say the attack was an act of terrorism. Israeli police have arrested one man and are on the hunt for another. There is anger on the streets of Tel Aviv: “If we have an enemy we can talk to them, we can deal with them. We can strive to do something. But if the enemy tries to kill us, we cannot say let’s go..We have to kill them,” said one man. “We don’t want war with anyone, we want to live in peace. But we don’t have this opportunity with our neighbours, so we have to do what is necessary when someone fires a rocket at you every five minutes wounding innocent people. I think everyone would agree,” said another. The blast was not a suicide attack, security services say a sports bag was left on the bus, which exploded. Our correspondent in Tel Aviv, Luis Carballo, had this to say: “This mornings attack in Tel Aviv marks a new turn of the screw in this crisis between the Palestines and Israelis. It comes in the middle of the negociations to achieve a ceasefire; The place, the heart of Tel Aviv, says a lot. A ceasefire is much more difficult prospect today than yesterday.”

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