Rob Zombie and his Lords of Salem

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Rob Zombie and his Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie and his Lords of Salem
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Rob Zombie and his Lords of Salem

by euronews Videos 2:13 mins

Rob Zombie and his Lords of Salem

by euronews Videos 2:13 mins

The renowned metal-musician-cum-horror-film-maker Rob Zombie has been talking about his upcoming film “The Lords of Salem” a horror movie he wrote and directed that is due out next year. It’s the story of the city of Salem in Massachusetts visited by a coven of ancient witches. The film was screened at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival and won generally positive reviews. “It’s real easy to learn a certain bag of tricks and just keep doing it like you can almost keep doing it on auto pilot. So for this film I kind of went against everything I would want normally want to do,” Zombie explained. “Normally I would want to shoot handheld, I would want to shoot on film. You can tend to make everything seem the same. Sometimes (it) makes the fans happy, sometimes it doesn’t. So I went in an opposite direction of just stylistically trying to make a completely different movie.” Zombie came to filmmaking in 2000 after a long career in music which started in the eighties. He has released nine studio albums, the latest in August of this year. In fact he said it is impossible for him to choose between making music or making movies. “Film and music just seem indistinguishable from one another. I mean music is incredibly important for any film obviously, but for me I feel like it’s really (even more) important. Any time there’s music in my movies, I always know I’m going to use it in advance of shooting. Sometimes it will even inspire the script. So it’s become like I can’t even hear or see one without the other at any time so.” Zombie is keeping busy with both genres. He is currently working on a new movie while on the road with Marilyn Manson on the “Twins of Evil” tour in both the United States and Europe.

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