Bollywood celebrates Ganpati Utsav

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Bollywood celebrates Ganpati Utsav

Bollywood celebrates Ganpati Utsav
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Bollywood celebrates Ganpati Utsav

by Ani 1:47 mins

Bollywood celebrates Ganpati Utsav

by Ani 1:47 mins

Like the rest of the country, tinsel town stars are too soaked in the festivities of Ganpati Utsav. Bollywood actors in Mumbai visited temples and celebrated the festival with great fervour and joy. Speaking to reporter, Bollywood actor, Govinda said that he prayed for prosperity and happiness of his family. Tusshar Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut also visited a Ganesha temple in Chembur and offered their prayers. Tusshar said that he prayed for the success of his upcoming Bollywood movie, 'Shootout at Wadala.'

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