Big B on his real and reel life

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Big B on his real and reel life

Big B on his real and reel life
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Big B on his real and reel life

by Ani 1:30 mins

Big B on his real and reel life

by Ani 1:30 mins

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who is currently shooting for 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' says that he just enjoys the game show. "It's been 12 years and a fantastic journey, a great association.


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    Caroline Flack strips off and gets raunhy with Danny Dyer in one of her first TV jobs!

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    Kawehi: One woman, one machine, one viral sensation

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    Why the ice bucket challenge should return

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    Who is the sexiest Dj in the world?

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    Kareena Kapoor to be mom after 2 years

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    Kangana looks gorgeous in Manav Gangwani's couture


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    Tokyo Electric Power Removes Largest Piece of Rubble From Fukushima Fuel Pool

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    Police Release Video After Nine Shot at New York Party

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    Yacht Engulfed in Flames at Scarborough Marina in Queensland

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    President Obama Sends Message to America on Clean Power

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    Hail Pummels Northwest Wisconsin

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    Drone Footage Of Grey Whale Mother And Calf Playing With Tourists

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    Upside Down Skydivers Smash World Record

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    96-Year-Old Athlete Smashes Sprinting Records

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    41lbs And Still Growing: Meet The Giant 10 Month Old Baby

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    Our Lives: The Girl Who Cries Blood

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