'Barfi' to go for Oscars

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'Barfi' to go for Oscars

'Barfi' to go for Oscars
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'Barfi' to go for Oscars

by Ani 2:36 mins

'Barfi' to go for Oscars

by Ani 2:36 mins

Anurag Basu's 'Barfi', a Bollywood love story about a deaf-and-mute man and his autistic friend has been chosen as India's entry to the Academy Awards in the best foreign language film category. This was announced by the Film Federation of India in Hyderabad. In a candid chat with media persons, Barfi actor Ranbir Kapoor said that it was a great feeling and he would pray for the film to win the award. Managing Director at Studios Disney UTV, Siddharth Roy Kapoor also said that Barfi's entry in the Oscars is a great feeling. Film critic, Komal Nahta, said that it's an uplifting film, very Indian at heart and it's a beautiful love story, which strikes a chord in the viewer's heart.

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