10 Common Science Myths

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10 Common Science Myths

10 Common Science Myths
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10 Common Science Myths

by All Time 10s 2:38 mins

10 Common Science Myths

by All Time 10s 2:38 mins

Not everything they teach you in science class is true. Here are 10 common scientific myths.


  1. 1:41

    Professional tree cut goes horribly wrong

  2. 9:42

    Physics-defying pop and lock dance battle

  3. 1:10

    Surveillance Video Shows Lafayette Movie Theater Prior to Deadly Shooting

  4. 1:51

    Artist paints surreal baby portrait on pregnant belly

  5. 0:15

    Volcano Erupts on Reunion Island Where Suspected MH370 Debris Washed Up

  6. 3:01

    U.S. political fight over Iran nuclear deal goes Hollywood

Barcroft TV

  1. 3:19

    Vets Give Rescue Lion Sight-Saving Surgery

  2. 3:43

    96-Year-Old Athlete Smashes Sprinting Records

  3. 4:07

    Fat Admirer Husband Loves Wife's Bountiful Body

  4. 1:47

    Overloaded Jeeps Perform Wheelies Through Streets of Colombia

  5. 4:43

    Life Without Limbs: Zuly Sanguino's Extraordinary Story

  6. 5:32

    The Degree Is Dead - In The Future (C4 Shorts)

Human & Medical Marvels

  1. 4:13

    Model Wears Corset 23 Hours A Day To Achieve 20 Inch Waist

  2. 2:20

    Four years on, a global expedition nears the end for female British adventurer

  3. 3:52

    Rubber Boy: Indian Schoolboy Wants To Become World's Most Flexible Man

  4. 4:03

    41lbs And Still Growing: Meet The Giant 10 Month Old Baby

  5. 50:31

    Our Lives: The Girl Who Cries Blood

  6. 3:07

    Extreme Corseter Shrinks Waist From 38 to 23 Inches